Mary Kathleen "Kaye" Compesaw

Baby Cakes, Fun Cuts

"When I saw the bags of humabi, I was impressed with the quality of its worksmanship as well as the designs. It was obvious to me that each bag was designed with much thought and created with love and care. What is even more impressive is the aspirations behind Humabi..."

Maria Margarita Montemayor Nograles

Havainas Exclusive Distributor, Southern Phil. Martish

"Humabi is very close to my heart because of all the love and passion that is put into it. Each piece tells a story and I carry it with love and pride knowing that it has helped many. It also makes a very special gift to your loved ones. Congratulations dear Erika..."

Christine Barretto Uy

Kar Asia, Penong's Restaurant, Fat Monkey

"Humabi encapsulates the heartfelt commitment of the people behind it in their promise of a brighter future for brilliant young minds, and the hope of regaining the spirit of the women in the correctional institution. Erika Soriano-Mata, the driving force behind this admirable advocacy, found beauty in the ordinary..."